What You Will Learn

Martial arts, self-defence and fitness for all ages

Self Defense

Develop skills to use against harassment, abuse, and assault, including everyday situations that don’t involve physical attack. Awareness to help with prevention, and may help develop confidence to handle daily situations.


Develop overall rapidity and speed, through sequential martial arts drill  training: basic conditioning, explosive power development, skill refinement, skill loading and full speed training


Develop reflexes that will be the backbone of your offense and defence in martial arts

Our Programmes
Our programmes are based on the fundamental knowledge and skills that are beginning to be formed during the early years of a child’s life such as morals, values and core character building blocks .  Our programmes are therefore carefully developed by  teachers with a strong focus on personal development and growth of all students of all ages.

Martial Arts Classes


Tiny Pups

2-4yr olds 


Wolf Pups

4-6yr olds


Wolf Cubs

6-8yr olds


Wolf Scouts

8-12yr olds



13+ & Adults

1:1 personal training

Consistency, accountability and performance are three main pillars to long-term results. Sensei Rich will get to know your strengths, challenges, and goals, then customize a training plan that works for you. He will motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve the results you’ve had trouble reaching on your own! He will also offer best practices for safety and injury prevention.


Student Reviews

“Let me start by saying my 4yr old daughter went to gymnastics and had swimming lessons which was very stressful. The tears leading up to these lessons and during were really hard on myself and my daughter, we had to stop both. We found Lone Wolf and went for the free taster session, it just worked! no tears, no anxiety. Sensei Rich’s personal approach was fantastic, knew just what to say to help her through the class and build her confidence. She has passed her first grading and today was awarded her first belt. We could not speak more highly about this academy and during Covid 19 they still delivered great live lessons and daily workouts throughout. Could not recommend enough”
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