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Come and join our fantastic family orientated martial arts academy led by multi- world champions.

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About Us

Martial Arts School in berkshire

We are a family run martial arts club designed for families.  We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding classes through a challenging and fun curriculum. 

We have children, mums, dads, grandparents, sisters, brothers, students and many walks of life who come to fulfil their goal of becoming amazing martial artists whilst getting fitter, stronger, more confident, meeting like minded people, losing weight, improving diets and much much more.

Our Programmes
Our programmes are based on the fundamental knowledge and skills that are beginning to be formed during the early years of a child’s life such as morals, values and core character building blocks .  Our programmes are therefore carefully developed by  teachers with a strong focus on personal development and growth of all students of all ages.

Martial Arts Classes


Tiny Pups

2-4yr olds


Wolf Pups

4-6yr olds.


Wolf Cubs

6-8yr olds.


Wolf Scouts

8-12yr olds



13+ & Adults

1:1 personal training

Consistency, accountability and performance are three main pillars to long-term results. Sensei Rich will get to know your strengths, challenges, and goals, then customize a training plan that works for you. He will motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve the results you’ve had trouble reaching on your own! He will also offer best practices for safety and injury prevention.

World Class Instructors

Founder and chief instructor
Sensei Rich

“I’m passionate about teaching martial arts and helping to transform peoples lives.  I love seeing students progress in their martial arts journey from start to finish”

Family run club


Senior Coach

Preeya t

Teen Coach

reena t

Junior Coach

Jasmine t

Senior Coach

Pam t


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